The cosmelan® method has been designed to reduce the appearance of blemishes caused by excess melanin in the skin.

  • Includes a quick brightening action
  • Highly effective for all kinds of skin blemishes (melasma, chloasma, senile blemishes, pregnancy blemishes, sunspots, blemishes due to oral contraceptives etc)
  • The COSMELAN® method can be initiated at any time of the year, provided the patience uses the mesoprotech melan 130 pigment control on a daily basis, so as to permit exposure to the sun without negative effects on the blemishes being treated. 
  • Cosmelan® is compatible with any skin phototype.

Cosmelan is a depigmenting treatment designed to reduce skin discoloration & hyperpigmentation.

It can be safely used on the entire face and reduces the dark spots that can occur due to sun exposure, acne, ageing, and hormone fluctuation.

There is a significant process of shedding during the course of this treatment and can last up to 4 weeks post Cosmelan to ensure most of the pigmentation is removed.

Homecare is included in this package and MUST be used accordingly. Patients will feel a burning/stinging sensation on the skin after this treatment and some may experience swelling in certain areas that may last up to 4 weeks while the skin renews itself.

How much does the treatment cost?

Please see pricelist list for various packages offered.